The Lacombe Biorefinery

The company is developing the Lacombe Biorefinery project, located in the heart of Alberta's agricultural corridor, as a small step in this large undertaking.

The above image is an architectural concept of the proposed biorefinery to be located at Lacombe, Alberta.

The Lacombe Biorefinery project will serve as our next-generation commercial facility using the full extent of the BioRefinex Technology, demonstrating both bioenergy and nutrient applications.

The City of Lacombe is an ideal location for the facility for the following reasons:

  • Situated in the heart of Alberta’s diversified livestock region;
  • Excellent trucking access just off Hwy 2;
  • Adjacent to a federally-inspected meat packing plant and the City’s sewage lagoon treatment system;
  • AAFC Lacombe Research Centre nearby for joint research efforts;
  • Easy access from the Calgary and Edmonton international airports.

In addition to the project’s positive health and environmental profile, the Lacombe facility will deliver immediate economic benefits to the local community, the livestock industry, and the general economy. A range of new products will be validated and certified for commercialization. We will develop in Canada the most advanced scientific and technology knowledge base for processing and generating value from risk carcasses and other animal by-products. It will be beneficial for the whole range of livestock industries including cattle, swine and poultry, and be applicable to all regions of the country.