BioRefinex - Renewable Nutrients. Renewable Energy.

Transforming problems into solutions

Currently hundreds of thousands of tonnes of organic waste materials are dumped into landfills each year, thereby creating ongoing economic, health, and environmental problems for communities and industry. It costs municipalities and businesses significant sums of money to transport material and then pay disposal fees at landfills. Burial at landfill does not destroy potentially infectious agents such as BSE in cattle and the landfilled material releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. Landfills with large organic waste volumes can potentially cause serious odor issues for neighbouring communities.

Using the BioRefinex process, what was previously discarded as waste is now transformed into safe, valuable, nutrients while destroying pathogens and removing odors. The nutrients can be returned to the soil for plant development or it can be used as feedstock for waste-to-energy applications.

International Demonstration and Research Centre

Situated in the heart of one of Canada's largest livestock regions, Lacombe, Alberta provides an ideal location for an International Demonstration and Research Centre that showcases the BioRefinex technology in full commercial-scale operation. The site is located minutes from the renowned AAFC (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) Lacombe Research Centre, one of the research partners of BioRefinex that will assist in developing further value-added products for the livestock industry.

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Continuing to develop better products, new applications

Biosphere Technologies, the parent company of BioRefinex, continues to explore new and better ways to create value for the business through ongoing research. It has teamed up with a number of top research institutions in the province of Alberta to carry on this work.

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