Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be a world leader in processing animal byproducts and other organic residue and waste materials. We intend to fully leverage the BioRefinex patented technology to establish a global fleet of assets, either owned or licensed, to help address critical human and animal health issues. Furthermore, our goal is to promote sustainable use of land and soils by replenishing nutrients using purely organic means, as well as to generate renewable electricity, divert landfill waste, and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

The company is developing the Lacombe Biorefinery project, located in the heart of Alberta's agricultural corridor, as a small step in this large undertaking. The material to be treated annually in the Lacombe facility is a fraction of the potential livestock and plant organic waste material available in the province.  The Lacombe Biorefinery will be a showcase facility to demonstrate to the world how this technology can be applied in most any country.  The company will seek to utilize its patents in 20 industrialized countries around the world by developing additional facilities.  In the United States alone we estimate there to be at least 30 million tonnes annually of suitable animal byproduct materials for thermal hydrolysis applications.  Also, the US government estimates that nearly 40% of its available food is wasted, accounting for over 75 million tonnes per year that could be more effectively utilized for nutrient and energy production rather than ending up in landfills, for example.