Technology Overview

At the core of the patented BioRefinex process (patents in 20 countries) is the "thermal hydrolysis reactor", which uses high pressure and saturated steam to denature all organic material and destroy all pathogens while retaining the valuable nutrients. The hydrolyzed output is then fractionated using a series of centrifuges to maximize value and to produce consistent streams of organic fertilizer and nutrient feedstock for biogas production.

The biorefinery generates six different wholesale commodity products under the Renewable Nutrients and Renewable Energy categories. These include:

  1. dry pelletized organic fertilizer;
  2. liquid organic fertilizer;
  3. fatty acids;
  4. electricity;
  5. industrial hot water; and
  6. carbon offsets.

The facility also provides the overall biorefinery service of receiving and processing waste material that otherwise would be sent to landfills, in exchange for tipping fees.