Research Partners
  • AAFC Lacombe (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada Lacombe Research Centre)

    As the only CFIA inspected, government owned, research abattoir, AAFC Lacombe has unique facilities for sorting both SRM and non-SRM meat animal by-products to vary the input streams for discovery research. In this capacity AAFC-Lacombe will provide expertise in slaughter technologies, meat processing and analytical capacity (lipid, protein and mineral fractions). In addition, AAFC-Lacombe has facilities and research expertise to follow end product use, both as a fertilizer (pasture and field crop) and for non-SRM materials, as an animal feed. Researchers are linked nation-wide to AAFC research expertise in other disciplines (e.g. life-cycle analyses, soil remediation, organic production).

  • Olds College

    Olds College will also participate in targeted research using the BioRefinex facility and production output given they have over 20 specialists in turf grass management with state-of-the-art technology and software in Irrigation, Computer Assisted Design (CAD), Geographic Information and Global Positioning System (GIS/GPS) labs. Students can see industry problems being solved in the plots of the Prairie Turf Research Centre. They also will work with scientists at Olds College and the Olds College Centre for Innovation where they are conducting applied research in campus greenhouses and research labs.

  • Alberta Agriculture and Food through the Crop Diversification Centre South

    Located in Brooks, Alberta, the Crop Diversification Centre South will be an additional research partner with BioRefinex. Their program's mandate is to grow the greenhouse vegetable industry through industry partnerships in applied research projects focused on market opportunities. They will work with Biosphere in developing technologies for production of high value crops in confined environment (bio-actives, phytopharma, and organics) and introducing recycling technologies such as development of soil amendment from greenhouse substrate waste and recirculation of nutrient solution. In addition to our own research on organic liquid fertilizers, they will serve as an additional independent centre for research on the effect of complex plant growth from organic recirculation system (aquaponics) on hydroponically grown plants.